International Leadership Summit 2019, The Caribbean

In 2019 Pro-Ma Systems invites you to embark on a voyage that most only dream about - to travel across the Caribbean Seas and unlock the treasures of the Bahamas.

Our Caribbean Cruise takes us on an island hopping adventure, docking in at various hotspots like the Bahamas, Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. Boasting some of the clearest seas on earth, lush emerald rainforests and cobbled streets that are adorned with perfectly preserved colonial charm - it’s like stepping into pure bliss. Paradise-hunters, from all over, flock to get a taste of heaven and are not disappointed.

Deck-Defying Adventures

Experience a whole new level of travel as our spectacular adventure takes place on the newest cruise ship to the Royal Caribbean's award-winning Oasis Class fleet - The Harmony of the Seas. The world's biggest ship with the world's best features just got even better. There's no turning back once you take the plunge 10 stories into the mysteries of the deep on the tallest slide at sea, Ultimate Abyss, as well as the exhilarating multilevel Perfect Storm slides.

Take a tree-lined stroll through Central Park, or find your own haven in any of the other seven onboard neighbourhoods, all with mouth-watering dining experiences and the finest amenities.

Harmony of the Seas features a bounty of holiday activities for every guest. Like the chance to learn Italian salsa dancing, rock climbing, ziplining, ice skating, indulgent spa retreats and of course duty-free designer shopping! You can also catch a Broadway Show or be wowed at the Aqua Theatre. And when the sun goes down, the night heats up with energetic parades, live music, comedy shows and much more.

This Is Supercruising

How Can I Get There

To qualify for the 2019 International Leadership Summit to the Caribbean, you must reach a Director level in the Marketing & Profit Plan. Qualification period begins June 1, 2018. First time qualifiers also benefit from a bonus qualification month - May 2018.

Earn Travel Credits With


You are rewarded with Travel Credits every time you or your personally sponsored team make a product purchase for yourself or a customer.


Sign up a new Distributor to your team and when they advance from Sales Associate to Sales Manager in less than 90 days from the date of registration, you will earn 200 Bonus Travel Credits

Move Up

Distributors that move to the next level in the Marketing & Profit Plan will earn Bonus Travel Credits.
Sales Associate to Sales Manager
= 500 Bonus Travel Credits
Sales Manager to Sales Executive
= 500 Bonus Travel Credits
Sales Executive to Director
= 500 Bonus Travel Credits
These Bonus Travel Credits are banked and valid until the 31st of May 2019.

Global Rewards Club

Earn the following Global Rewards Levels to receive Bonus Travel Credits
360 Level   =  50 Bonus Travel Credits
720 Level   =  100 Bonus Travel Credits
1080 Level   =  150 Bonus Travel Credits
1800 Level   =  200 Bonus Travel Credits
2040 Level   =  250 Bonus Travel Credits


*To qualify for the 2019 International Leadership Summit to the Caribbean, you must reach a Director level in the Marketing & Profit Plan. Qualification period begins June 1, 2018 (with the exception of first time qualifiers’ bonus month May 2018) and ends May 31, 2019.


How Can I Get There

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