• Citrus Cleaning Concentrate 1L

    Multi-purpose citrus cleaner with outstanding results for the environmentally conscious.


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    Citrus Cleaning Concentrate: providing unrivalled results, every single time with 15 x the power of regular general purpose cleaners.With a household application ratio of 1:15; that’s 15L in just one bottle!
    Highly effective for stove tops, white goods, ceramic tiles, linoleum, vinyl and polished wood floors. Eliminates everything from light dirt stains on plastic and outdoor furniture through to cleaning oil and grease stains from driveways.

    • Lemon fresh, natural fragrance
    • Phosphate Free
    • Cost Effective Formulas
    • Advanced Concentrations
    • Biodegradable and enviro-packaging
    • Minimal inefficient fillers or extenders
    Available in a recyclable 1 Litre bottle. Our packaging allows for a 90% reduction in plastic waste.

    Also available separately: 500mL Spray Bottle with Trigger Head to disperse Pro-Ma Home Products with. See your Distributors for more information.

    When using Citrus Cleaning Concentrate in a spray bottle, refer to the ratios below:

    Ratios for Trigger Spray Bottles include -




    For kitchen and bathroom bench tops, light cleaning of painted surfaces,brass, light soil marks on vinyl and general household application.


    For light dirt stains on painted surfaces, bathroom cleaning, stove tops, white goods, ceramic tiles, linoleum, vinyl, cork tiles, polished wood floors and plastic and PVC outdoor furniture.


    For heavy soil marks on vinyl and plastic and heavy duty applications such as degreasing and oil and grease stains on fabric and driveways.


    For extremely heavy grease and oil stains on concrete driveways.


    1 litre

    Customer reviews...

    Ratio1:15 citrus cleaner, makes the best and most economical laundry prewash spray, that I have ever used
    Vicki Adelaide

    One of my must have household cleaners. Great value does a fantastic job in the kitchen and beats messing around with bicarb and vinegar. We recently tried it out on a grease stain on the concrete of the garage and it does shift grease. Safe to use around your family and I love it. Classic spray and wipe cleaning product. You can adjust the concentration to suit your purpose. To make it easy buy the trigger spray bottle and label it for its purposes.
    Annmarie Redsell Bowen

    I like to use this product to spray the underarms of smelly shirts and tops, leave for 10 mins, then wash as normal. It gets the residue trapping odours out.
    Alexandra Adelaide

    I am TOTALLY in love with this product and use it every day on at least one of: Bench tops Stove top Sinks Toilet bowl Bath and shower Outside Stainless Steel toaster and kettle Range hood Bathroom basin Front of cupboards / drawers Inside kitchen cupboards Fridge - outside and inside Walls General dusting It gives a beautiful shine to everything (lovely for when visitors are coming over!) and leaves a beautiful citrus fragrance in the home!
    Marie Perrotta Adelaide

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